June 8, 2017
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Top news
Is the Canadian hedge fund market ready to take off?
Portfolio manager Michael White sees “tremendous opportunity” in Canadian hedge funds, but are investors ready to embrace them?
Canadian banker calls for federal investment regulator
Questionable practices at banks may be prevalent due to a jurisdictional ‘shell game’
Winning active funds address investors’ cost concerns
Passive competition won’t spell extinction for active funds — just survival of the fittest
Smart-beta ETFs strugglling to sustain success: study
Funds relying on strategic factor tilts may not outperform their benchmarks for long
Female board members bring significant boost: study
New research from CIBC bolsters the business case for gender diversity
Investment firm announces fund mergers
The firm is also changing the risk rating for selected investment funds
New go-to ETF for tech-sector investors
The new ETF holds companies that previous tech funds haven’t been exposed to
Other news
What was David Suzuki doing at an insurance broker conference?
Outspoken environmentalist tells Trump to "get the hell out of here and do your thing."
Why the banks are turning to brokers in Canada
It’s a relatively new market – but one some notable brokerage giants are getting involved in
Big bank forecasts Toronto’s future
One of Canada’s largest banks reacts positively to Toronto’s cooling market; predicts rate increase
Observer sounds alarm on Canadian Western Bank’s prospects
CWB is facing risks similar to that of its rival Home Capital, analyst says
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